More transparency, creativity, plentiful communication, an agent that is trustworthy...

Shane Evans, Principal/Licensee of FINESSE PROPERTY, mentored by a selection of the most highly decorated real estate agents on the Gold Coast, identified that the current needs amongst property sellers and buyers alike not being satisfied, "Whilst interacting with both buyers and sellers, it became evident to us that their respective needs are starting to change, yet agents were not equipped to change with them. Buyer habits are beginning to reflect the lack of time and the pressure of day to day living has put on them, wanting information quickly and accurately via non-traditional methods of communication such as email, text message, Twitter and Facebook. Sellers are demanding more transparency, creativity, plentiful communication, an agent that is trustworthy, and like any sales transaction, perceived 'value for money'.

FINESSE PROPERTY has all of the aforementioned and more as part of its mandate.


Consistent with our fundamental commitment to one purpose - performance, FINESSE PROPERTY will add value to the transaction in three key selling components:

MARKETING - "you cannot sell a secret"
In partnership with 9 leading property listing websites including, FINESSE PROPERTY understands where buyers of today are searching. They also firmly believe that excellence in marketing is a non-negotiable. That is why all of the marketing required for a selection of publications is outsourced to a professional graphic artist, guaranteeing your property will be exposed looking a 'million dollars' and as a consequence enjoying steady enquiry regardless of market conditions.
NEGOTIATION - "earn the fee, not charge the fee"
At FINESSE PROPERTY we acknowledge our future lies in repeat and referral business. We are confident at the completion of your experience with FINESSE PROPERTY you will want to tell your friends, family and associates that through a commitment to performance above all else we 'earnt' the fee, not simply 'charged' it..
COMMUNICATION - "never kept in the dark"
Research reveals the number one complaint amongst home sellers is the lack of communication from their appointed consultant. At FINESSE PROPERTY you will be hearing from your dedicated representative on a consistent basis. There is also a very good chance you will be hearing from our Head of Administration, Kylie Blair, also on a consistent basis.

If contemplating selling or buying, call SHANE EVANS on 0416 193 663 to experience service with true 'finesse'.